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Creating a Double-Edged Strategy.

Combining strategies is key to success. We remain in the perpetual journey of trying out different combinations of technical indicators. This time, it is a strategy that actually takes advantage of the trend while also being a contrarian one.

I have just released a new book after the success of…

Creating an Indicator from Many Other Weighted Technical Indicators.

What if we create an equally-weighted technical indicator from 8 different other indicators? Can that give us an edge? Can it improve the quality of signals? In this article, we will combine 8 different technical indicators into one giant oscillator.

As it would be too long to introduce each indicator…

Creating a Strategy Based on the SuperTrend Pull-Back.

The SuperTrend is a wonderful indicator that gives rise to many opportunities of strategies. Trend-following is a complex method that looks simple on books but needs a lot of care. This article discusses the flat pull-back SuperTrend strategy.

I have just released a new book after the success of my…

Creating a Volatility-Correlation Indicator for Trading.

Exogenous factors have to be included in our trading strategies. Consider using a statistical property as a trading signal only to find that another outside factor is also contributing to the asset’s movement. Would you consider including it? The reasonable answer should be yes.

In this article, we will look…

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