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Institutional FOREX Strategist & Trader. Author of “The Book of Back-tests”

How to Create a Function that Fetches Market Sentiment Data.

Presenting and Trading the Cipher Harmonic Pattern.

Creating a Combined Strategy Using Bollinger Bands & Keltner Channel in Python.

The Normal Distribution & The Foundation of Standard Deviation

Presenting and Trading the Golden Harmonic Pattern.

Presenting and Trading the Arrow Harmonic Pattern.

Combining a Short-term Relative Strength Index With Moving Averages in Python.

The Concept of Moving Averages

Full Introduction and Back-test on the Three Line Strike Pattern.

Candlestick Charts

Presenting and Trading the Harmonic 5–0 Pattern.

Coding and Back-testing the Disparity Index to Trade the Markets.

The Concept of Moving Averages

Creating & Back-testing the Dynamic Relative Strength Index in Python.

The Relative Strength Index

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