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How to Create a Function that Fetches Market Sentiment Data.

Market sentiment is an extremely important part of trading. It allows us to understand the positioning of the players who potentially could move the markets. Knowing that the majority of hedge funds are bullish on an asset gives us more confidence to invest in it. …

Coding the Fractal Adaptive Moving Average in Python.

Not all moving averages are simple to calculate. This article discusses a complex type that adapts to the market state using the Fractal Dimension Index. We will define and code it in Python.

I have just published a new book after the success of my previous one “New Technical Indicators

Creating a Trading Strategy Based on Parabolic SAR & RSI.

Trading strategies come in all shapes and forms and creativity is something we need to always be following with regards to opportunities. Many technical strategies remain untouched but have a lot of potential. It is our duty to find them, mine them until they are exhausted. …

Presenting a Discretionary Structured Trading Strategy.

Trading strategies rarely rely on just one technique. Fundamental strategies may use a lot of financial ratios and cross-asset correlations to find opportunities, similarly, technical strategies may use multiple indicators and price action techniques to form one strategies which then is sprinkled with a touch of risk management to make…

How to Code the Disparity Index in Pine Script.

Distance analysis is sometimes very important to determine whether the market is about to reverse or correct. Statistically, we expect to remain in normality more often than extremes, therefore, when we do reach the extremes, we expect some form of reversion to the mean unless Euphoria is in hyperdrive and…

Coding an Bands Indicator Using the Volatility-Adjusted Moving Average.

The great Bollinger Bands are one of the first things we must learn when analyzing time series. This is because of their sound statistical reasoning, their wide adoption across market participants, and their success when deployed in trading strategies. …

Presenting & Coding a Technical Indicator Using Pine Script.

The Stochastic Oscillator is one of the most common indicators in Technical Analysis. It allows us to have a quick glance as to whether the market is overbought or oversold. In this article we will code a variation of the oscillator called the Stochastic Smoothing Oscillator in TradingView coding language.

How to Create & Visualize a Simple Technical Oscillator in TradingView.

The MACD is a famous technical oscillator that is composed of the difference between two exponential moving averages which are used in trend-following strategies. This article will present how to create this indicator in Pine Script, the coding language of the charting platform TradingView.

I have just published a new…

Coding the Reverse RSI Trading Strategy in Python.

This will be a short article that discusses an alternative theory on the Relative Strength Index which have been published in a few places. The goal of the article is to present it so that the reader becomes aware of it and if needed back-tests it.

I have just published…

Adding Filters to RSI Signals to Improve the Quality of the Trades.

Sometimes, tweaks in technical indicators can provide us with more insight and better signals. This article discusses a small modification in the way we use the Relative Strength Index and then compares a sample of a result with the regular Relative Strength Index.

I have just published a new book…

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