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Creating & Charting the Bollinger Stochastic Indicator Using Python.

What if we fuse together two known powerful technical indicators? What would that give and how can we use it in trading? This article discusses the Bollinger bands and the stochastic oscillator from the perspective of a unified strategy.

I have just released a new book after the success of…

Creating a New Technical Indicator Based on Fibonacci Distance.

Contrarian techniques can be found from trend-following indicators. This article discusses how to do this using the Fibonacci moving average and the concept of mean-reversion.

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Using the Fractal Indicator With Moving Averages to Trade the Markets.

The efficient market hypothesis fails to account for the many anomalies and recurring exploitable patterns within financial assets. This is why active portfolio management is still the dominant party when compared to passive investing. Financial markets are not perfectly random, they are random-like, i.e. they exhibit a low signal-to-noise ratio.

Creating a Contrarian Strategy Based on the Normalized Index.

Combinations of strategies may offer better opportunities. We can combine indicators together or patterns together. In this article, we will see how to use the Normalized Index with a touch of moving average applied to it to smooth out the signals.

I have just released a new book after the…

Using Technical Indicators on K’s Candlestick Charts.

Complex strategies also form an important part of trading where they can detect hidden patterns that have more predictable outcomes than obvious patterns. In this article, we combine a variation of the famous RSI on a variation of the regular candlestick and a candlestick pattern as a filter to enhance…

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